The opposition leader in the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly on Wednesday alleged that two judges’ posts, including that of chief judge of GB Supreme Appellate Court, had been kept vacant deliberately.

Captain retired Mohammad Shafi Khan said some leaders from the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf in Islamabad and Pakistan Muslim League-N in GB were trying to induct their blue-eyed persons onto the posts, according to a press release issued by the opposition leader’s office.

He pointed out that chief judge of the appellate court Rana Mohammad Shamim got retired earlier this year, while post of a judge got vacant after the death of justice Shahbaz Khan two years ago.

“Only one judge is serving in the three-judge Supreme Appellate Court,” he pointed out. He said litigants in the highest court of the region faced difficulties due to absence of judges. “Many prisoners are awaiting hearing of their cases in the court, but there is no judge to hear such cases,” he deplored.

Shafi Khan said divisional bench of the court was not being constituted for want of required judges.

He alleged that GB Order 2018 was being amended to appoint an over-aged person to the post of the chief judge.

He appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan to ensure appointment of eligible candidates on vacant posts..