For every successful musician are a million other talented musicians who aspire to be like their idols. One of them includes a young student from Abottabad who pursued his passion for music on his own, solely through his perseverance and hard work.

At the age of 16, young Moid Bilal borrowed a guitar from his distant cousin, almost 10 years older, who couldn’t play the instrument. Thinking it impossible to acquire the skill at first, he aimed to prove himself and those who taunted him wrong.

According to Moid, his city lacks the resources and music teachers for individuals to realise their full potential.

Because of this, he started taking online courses, read numerous books and did plenty of research to hone his skill. Amidst this, he had an epiphany that instead of just focusing on one instrument, he should study the theory of music which is universal and exactly the same for all musical instruments. As he studied this, he started learning other instruments as well, breaking free from the bubble which restricted him to the guitar.

This was when he discovered ‘Digital Audio Workstation-DAW’, a software which forms the basis of every track/song. But again, Moid encountered obstacles.

He needed to purchase an expensive laptop in order to make full use of this software to create his own music. This acted as a barrier between his passion and himself, as he had to struggle to convince his parents who weren’t supportive of his craze for music at the age of 18 and work in the underground music market to earn – all the while his school exams were taking place. While balancing everything, Moid scored good grades, resulting in his parents finally buying him the laptop he wanted. He didn’t know where to start or how to use any of the accessories which came along at first i.e. a mixer, synthesizer, snares etc.

It was “an instrument of its own”, stated Moid. But of course, patience is the key to success.

He taught himself everything and released his demo track within six months, gaining the approval and appreciation of his family and friends. His music goes by the name ‘Detox’. 

Fast forward to 4 years later, Moid is now 20 and has already released 4-5 tracks. Currently, two of his tracks are underway.

One of them being his first attempt at rap but “no where near traditional rap,” according to Moid. He’s performed at a variety of gigs and musical evenings since then, enabling himself to grow as an artist.

Moid aspires to bring electronic music to Pakistan. He believes one can use the knowledge of traditional music and apply it on virtual instruments like synthesizers, creating a new dimension of music. Moid aims to set an example for other emerging Pakistani artists and promote EDM in our entertainment industry.


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