5 Robots You Need In Your Life If You Loved Baymax

5 Robots You Need In Your Life If You Loved Baymax

January 12, 2019 0

Earlier this year in January, the Consumer Electronic Show staged the global stage for innovation in Las Vegas. The robots showcased by Samsung and GrooveX put mental health and well-being on the forefront of the show, reminding us a bit of Baymax from Big Hero 6.

Here are 5 robots we wish we already had:

1. The Lovot Robot

The lovot robot is know to help cure loneliness. It is designed to keep you warm by radiating heat from its body as you wrap your arms around it. The goal of the robot is to keep the owner happy.

2. Bot Retail

Bot retail can be programmed to offer information in a mall, take an order at a restaurant, deliver food to your table and even process your payment. The purpose of this robot is to make your retail experience simple.

3. Bot Care

Bot Care by Samsung helps take care of sick or elderly family members by tracking blood pressure, heart rates and medication reminders. Like the name suggests, it’s main purpose is to ensure you and your loved ones are taken care of.

4. Ubtech Robot

Ubtech Robot is a humanoid robot that has the ability to grasp and manipulate objects. This type of robotics have shown create promise in the manufacturing industry, showing another way how robots will help us.

5. Bot Air

The Bot Air is a small rubbish bin sized robot with what appears to be a tray on its head and is designed for air quality monitoring and air purifying. It will run around your house making sure your house is clean.

Samah Akhtar
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