Endless gym selfies, snarky memes, trend-setting celebrities, rousing teasers and tinted filters on Instagram have brought celebrities, fans, journalists and businessmen together. This social media engine, has bridged the gap between celebrities and their fans from all across the globe. The ability to easily mention people and pop-stars on Instagram allows stars to keep an eye on thrilling stories and emerging talents.

Recently, A Pakistani teen’s dream came true , when the Grammy Nominee Singer ‘Shontelle‘ lauded her vocals. Arham Mufti, with Instagram handle arhamsmufti uploaded a music cover in which she sang Shontelle’s “Impossible” which had peaked at number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100. Arham had tagged the Grammy nominated singer in caption. However she was wonderstruck ,when Shontelle Layne praised her on the post!

The aspiring vocalists reaction to Shontelle’s reaction is priceless and heartwarming

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ProperGaanda, is always looking to highlight young talent from within Pakistan, naturally we picked up on this story and shared the teen’s response on our feed. To which the singer commented again! And that too, twice!

Click below to watch the cover that caught the singer’s attention


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