Tariq Hameed Jumani’s majestic click capturing the cheerful sight of the chirping birds on the horizon of Jahanian town granted him victory over the other entrants for the Best of Nation Award at World Photographic Cup 2019.

Fueled by his passion for nature and culture, Tariq Hameed uses his lens to paint his own artistic vision of fauna and diverse cultures under the light of dawn and dusk

‘Evoking an emotion through my photography evolved from a life-long passion for nature. Capturing the unique beauty of a location and it’s wildlife or nature motivates me to invest as much time as I do out in the wilderness, focusing on nothing more than to potentially create a photograph with enough emotion and visual drama to tell a story’

The versatile photographer has trekked from the mountainous terrains of Gilgit Baltistan to coastal areas of South Pakistan to capture the vibrant vitality of life. Jumani is also an advocate of wildlife and environmental conservation for years. He uses the aesthetic appeal of an image to engage the viewer and awake a feeling of nostalgia. His work is a symbolic reminder of the beauty of nature.

‘I have seen hundreds of birds killed due to water poisoned by pesticides,’ states Tariq Hameed Jumani

Jumani held a workshop in his hometown, especially for poachers to try to bring them over to his side; so that they shoot wildlife from the lens of their camera, and not from behind the barrel of a gun.

In addition he has exhibited his work at 12 different solo-shows. His visual depiction of picturesque wildlife habitats in Pakistan has compelled other international photographers to explore the scenic facets of Pakistan’s Landscape.

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Here is the picture that won him the award

Scroll down to see more of Jumani’s eye-opening photography


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