Musical Prodigy, Ammar Farooqi Releases His Debut Album

Musical Prodigy, Ammar Farooqi Releases His Debut Album

February 1, 2019 163

The Pakistani music scene has always had an edge over our neighbours across the border. But somewhere in the middle that absolutely raw talent stalled and we started lacking a fresh new wave of talent. Fortunately enough, since the past year or so we seem to bouncing back bigger and more musical then ever. (Get it? ;-)!)

With the likes of Natasha Noorani, Jay Alvi, Shamoon Ismail, Somewhat Super and Ammar Farooki the tide seems to be changing for the better. We still might be far from the days of Junoon and Entity Paradigm but as the local folk tale goes “Boyz ka scene hai yaar.”

Hot on the music scene, or as Irfan Junejo might say, ‘not coming slow’ is Ammar Farooki.

ProperGaanda had the chance to interview the artist who has been praised by the gods of music, The Rolling Stones themselves. He is also known as the Pakistani Coldplay!

Swipe to find out all about Farooki’s journey and listen to his latest album, ‘Songs From The Cave.’

Don’t forget to check out Ammar’s soundcloud page!

Hamza Ghaznavi
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