New Punjab Club is the First Pakistani Restaurant to Receive the Michelin Star

New Punjab Club is the First Pakistani Restaurant to Receive the Michelin Star

February 1, 2019 166

New Punjab Club, based out of Hong Kong’s prime location, is the first restaurant that serves Pakistani Cuisine to receive the Michelin Star. The new restaurant, received the honour just 18 months after opening its doors.

Interior of the New Punjab Club

Restauranteur Syed Asim Hussain, behind the New Punjab Club is also the world’s youngest restauranteur to be awarded two Michelin stars. His other accolade is for his French Bistro, Belon. The New Punjab Club and Belon are just two of the 22 restaurants under the Black Sheep Restaurants group that Hussain co-founded with his business partner, Christopher Mark, in 2012.

Interior of Belon

This is what you need to know about the Michelin starred restaurant

Hussain had around fifteen restaurants in his group before he endeavoured to open the New Punjab Club. The entrepreneur claims that the restaurant is his most personal and risky project yet. The cuisine of the restaurant reflects the Punjabi cuisine in its essence, the ancestral home of Hussain’s family.

“I’m not arrogant or ignorant to say this is the best Pakistani restaurant in the world. There are better Pakistani restaurants than this in Pakistan.”

Stated Hussain to a private news agency

Hong Kong has a 85,000 strong South Asian population which boasts 18,000 Pakistanis. Hussain’s family settled in Hong Kong when it was a British Colonial outpost; his father, an entrepreneur and once ambassador to South Korea owned the popular ‘The Mughal Room’, a restaurant that was popular in Hong Kong in the 80s and 90s. Hussain is the fourth generation of his family to live in Hong Kong; his family has been there for about a 100 years. His great-grandfather moved to Hong Kong after World War I.

Hussain’s father sent him to boarding school at Aitchison college, so the family could continue to have strong roots to the Pakistani culture.

“Lahore is in my blood. If you meet me in Hong Kong and ask where I’m from, I’ll say Lahore.”

shares Hussain

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