A Glance into the Persecuted Lives of Kashmiris Living in Occupied Kashmir

A Glance into the Persecuted Lives of Kashmiris Living in Occupied Kashmir

February 5, 2019 216

While Kashmir has been a disputed terrority since independence, things riled up when insurgents fought against the soldiers to gain their freedom. The revolt failed. The insurgency escalated after the Indian Army killed about 100 demonstrators at Gawakadal Bridge. After that India imposed Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in Jammu and Kashmir. Below you’ll get a glance at the life of an ordinary Kashmiri in the bloody land that is there home.

Indian Soldiers maintaining a long protested Curfew.

Families walk out of a Mosque in Sirinagr. Save the children foundation has estimated that the conflict has left 215,000 children orphaned

More then 600 Children dead

On 23rd February, 1991 in the area of Kunan and Poshpora, 300 Indian Soldiers raided the villages and reportedly raped more then 150 girls and tortured 200 men. While there are numerous reports of rape and torture from the Indian Occupied Kashmir,this one was which made the loudest noise.

Occupied Kashmir has a Staggeringly low GDP of 12% with an illetracy rate of 43%, The lowest in India.

People are afraid to get out of their houses, shops are occasionally broken into for random checking.

Protests have again sparked in Kashmir when Indian PM Modi decided to visit the occupied Kashmir. Since the Premier has taken office the human rights situation has exponentially deteriorated. Pakistani Government, United Nations and international NGO’s like Amnesty international have voiced great concern over the matter.

The security forces on dec 15 in search of a militant, opened fire on a crowd of innocent civilians, killing seven and wounding dozens more. One of those killed was a 14-year-old boy. 

2018 was the bloodiest year in Kashmir’s history with 324 people dead, including women and children. Analysts have predicted 2019 to be worst.

Unfortunately a Kashmir Solution is nowhere in sight. Both governments can be blamed for their stubbornness and shear lack of logic and will pertaining to the Indo-Pak resolve. That being said, The massive human rights violations, death of children and rape of minors in occupied Kashmir can only be blamed on the Indian Government and armed forces. There is blood, there will be more blood and there is only one villain.

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