Remembering Asma Jehangir’s Legacy in 11 Pictures

Remembering Asma Jehangir’s Legacy in 11 Pictures

February 11, 2019 110

Pakistani lawyer and social activist Asma Jahangir passed away at 66 in Lahore, on 11 February 2018.

A fierce human rights champion, Asma was a beacon of hope for many. She fought valiantly for implementation of much-needed civil rights in the country. Women, minorities, missing persons; all came within her sphere of empathetic efforts. Furthermore, as a promoter of democracy, she stood tall for civilian rights and worked hard to raise awareness in that regard.

For a country that continues to suffer from bouts of democratic turbulence, her efforts were certainly a push for civilians in the right direction. While the country mourns the loss of an invaluable asset, here are a few cherry-picked photographs that depict Asma Jahangir as the perfect role model citizen

She was a champion for democratic stability

Pictured in 1984, protesting against dictatorial regimes
Source: Twitter

Asma also fought for the country against external political pressure

Leading an anti-America rally. Source:

Seen here fighting hard for female emancipation from the discriminatory Hudood Ordinances

Addressing a protest against the public flogging of a woman in 2007
Source: Dawn News

She personally joined movements demanding equitable public spaces for women

Pictured here fighting for equitable public space provision for women at the Women on Wheels Rally in 2017. Source: Dawn

Asma even stood firm as the legal voice of minorities who are stripped of their civil rights

Pictured in 2011 protesting against the killing of Christian leader Shahbaz Bhatti
Source: AFP

She was not afraid to admonish power abusing authorities

Reprimanding police personnel at an anti-ECP protest. Source: Herald

Asma fought for rights of internationals as well, not just Pakistanis

Jahangir holding passports of missing Turkish nationals in Pakistan. Source: Dawn
Asma Jahangir, Member of the International Fact-Finding Mission during the press conference on the implications Israeli settlements have upon the human rights of the Palestinian people in 2013. Source: UN

What was best about her? She fought for the people, by standing with the people

Her empathy is clear in this picture as a woman who stood by others through their plights. Image Source: Al Jazeera
Pictured here, physically present at the heart of a rough political protest.
Image Source: The Right Livelihood Award

Even in her last days she spoke at the Pashtun protest because silence was never an option for her

If there is one thing clear in these photos, it is that Asma Jahangir was a woman who worked effortlessly for the country we all call home. Her empathy shines through as a harbinger of human rights awareness in Pakistan. What is seen in all pictures is her absolute grassroots approach towards human rights violations as she stood by the people. Furthermore, in her activism, we see no bureaucratic divisions and no empty words. Her words translated into formidable actions. After all, isn’t that what all citizens should aspire to when we claim allegiance to and love for Pakistan?

Rest in Power Asma Sahiba 

Originally written by Saniya Rashid. 11 Pictures of Asma Jahangir That Exemplify Her as a Role Model Citizen

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