Whether you have a love-hate relationship with them, food festivals are not coming slow this year! And it is becoming increasingly difficult to escape the buzz.

7UP is curating a one of a kind festival for foodies in Lahore and its happening sooner that you think. Even though Karachities may argue that Karachi has the better Biryani, it cant be denied that Lahore is the foodie central of Pakistan.

Here are three things you should look forward to at the 7UP Foodies Festival 

Food, food and more food!

This goes without saying, but be ready for a whole lot of ‘Khaba’ at the 7UP Foodies Festival in Lahore. 7UP has already been a huge hit across Pakistan due to the variety of treats it offers. Whether you have a sweet tooth or are in the mood for some BBQ, 7UP has you covered. Keep watching our space as we reveal the stalls for the festival! 

Artists selected by you!


This time 7UP asked Lahoris to vote for their favourite artists for the live concert on social media. The list included Atif Aslam, Strings, Josh and Abrar-ul-Haq and the fans were just allowed to pick one option. Now here is the twist, 7UP announced the list of finalised performers and it picked not one or two musicians from the list, but ALL of them. We still haven’t reached the finish line though, 7UP has promised its fans that many more surprises are in waiting for them, including artists who will be performing at the festival!


And if food and music isn’t your thing, which isn’t possible to be honest, the festival has something else to offer as well.

A PSL screening!

Now there really isn’t much left. This is one festival you do not want to miss. We’re pretty sure you’ll have a solid case of FOMO if you sit this one out. The festival is kicking off on the 1st of March and will continue till the 3rd.

With more than 100 stalls, the biggest names in Pakistani music and a live screening of the PSL, the 7UP Foodies Festival has checked all the boxes. Don’t forget to buy your tickets because we’ve heard they’re going to sell like hot cakes!

Click HERE to buy your tickets now.


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