On 21st February, the young Pakistan People’s Chairman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari spoke at the Oxford Union

His talk came at a time when Pakistan is much backlash from India, due to the recent events in Kashmir. Two days ago, Iran claimed that it holds Pakistan responsible for terrorist groups on its soil. And while Pakistan has always been dragged into the headlines when terrorism is on the table, it has become clear that Pakistani leaders will not take these accusations lying down.

Bilawal Bhutto spoke on following in his late mother’s footsteps and giving the people of Kashmir the right to choose at the Oxford Union. Here are the highlights:

1. The chairman expressed he is fighting for a more inclusive and progressive Pakistan

2. Speaking on the recent Pulwama attack, Bilawal stated that the people of Kashmir must be given the right to choose

3. The PPP chairman emphasised that Pakistan is very much committed to fighting terrorism

4. Lastly, Bilawal Bhutto stated the ‘language of hate’ will not help Pakistan fight its ills