Less than a fortnight ago, the Pulwama attack claimed the lives of over 40 Indian Soldiers. Among the soldiers who passed away in the attack was Babloo Santra who hailed from Howrah, West Bengal.

As tension between India and Pakistan escalated recently, his grieving widow, Mita Santra, took a ‘war cannot solve every problem’ stance.

Explaining the reason why she is against war, she told The Times of India that every death in the battlefield ultimately leaves numerous in the soldiers’ families devastated. 

Mita is a history teacher and she is well aware of the fact that war cannot bring any permanent solution.

But her opinion didn’t go down well with the people across social media, who criticized her for her opinion.

She has been trolled on various websites and social media platforms and shamed up for being ‘cowardly and self-centred’.

Despite the lash back, she is standing firm with her anti-war stance to the Indian Media.

Right now, I am not in a position to watch social media sites. But I still stand by what I said about war. People have their opinion; it is the individual’s freedom of speech. I am no different.

However, several people from Kolkata who witnessed the trolling decided to take on the trolls directly. The student community and other people in the city too took a stance against the trolls.

Twitter also joined ranks with her to fend off the trolls and lauded her for the pacifist stance.

Having said that, many notable media personalities from the Indian side have been pushing the war rhetoric and making statements like “with us or against us” on live television causing lot of anger and instability among the masses.

It’s sad to see the prevalence of war mongering from the Indian side. The widow of the martyred Indian soldier is already enduring an ordeal, it is unfortunate that she has had to face such severe and nonsensical criticism.