Kashmir Challenges Societal Gender Roles With It’s New TVC

Kashmir Challenges Societal Gender Roles With It’s New TVC

March 4, 2019 1

In a world where every brand is bent on making ads featuring dance numbers, it is refreshing to see a local brand release a TVC with a message. 

Kashmir Cooking Oil & Banaspati, a Pakistani brand established since 1962, has released a TVC with a simple message, ‘Khana Tou Bahana Hai.’

The cinematic TVC plays like a short film almost, with an engaging story of a young married couple that captures the audience. While a traditional family brand at heart, Kashmir too realises the importance of changing the narrative. The TVC features Ali Zafar, playing an animated husband who takes on cooking to get his wife’s attention. His role is supplemented by the talented Maya Ali, who portrays a young ambitious professional. 

This is how Kashmir’s TVC is changing the narrative


Negating the concept that women ‘belong’ in the kitchen

While many advertisements showcase the wife labouring away in the kitchen as her husband returns from work, Kashmir pays homage to the working woman. And it’s not only the fact that Ali Zafar has taken up the domestic chore but that he is continuously trying to learn more about food!

‘Khana sirf Bahana hai’

While food is what brings families together and makes outings that much more enjoyable, Kashmir emphasises that food is a medium through which we choose to express ourselves and our emotions. Whether you want to apologise to somebody or make them happy, food is a sure shot way of getting the message across.

A good meal can be a backdrop to a million memories and what’s better than having a brand like Kashmir on board that is pushing for a more progressive narrative that the whole family can get behind. 

Samah Akhtar
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