4 Times Fayaz Chohan was Simply a Racist Prick and a Half

4 Times Fayaz Chohan was Simply a Racist Prick and a Half

March 6, 2019 319

Fayazul Hasan Chohan is being condemned for his recent racist and bigoted speech that promotes anti-Hindu sentiment.

This isn’t the first time the former Punjab Information Minister has made headlines for passing such insensitive comments. Let’s take a brief look at his stellar career. Also if you’re a Fayaz Chohan supporter, you’re probably not well versed in satire so just to let you know: he sucks!

In August 2018, the Information Minister was at the centre of bad press after degrading remarks against stage actors

Fayyaz Chohan made derogatory remarks about the cinema industry for  ‘vulgar and indecent film signboards inside and outside the cinema halls’. He stated that instead of putting up billboards of ‘half-naked’ women people should watch ‘totay‘ (colloquial for porn).


He further said that if it were up to him, he would transform the stage actress Nargis into ‘Haji Nargis’. His remarks are not only offensive but extremely sexist in nature and emboldened by an applauding crowd he goes on to say that he could make Nargis fast for not 30 but 300 days.

Chohan also got into trouble when he lashed out at journalists at a press conference

At a press conference, Chohan passed rude comments about the journalists for asking what he framed a ‘question that creates contradiction’. The minister also stated that the media should remain within it’s bounds. The present journalists stated that Chohan had the opportunity to refuse to answer and made a political statement himself on which he was being questioned. Once again, Chohan showed an utter disrespect for others around him.

Chohan is called out by the Minister for Kashmir Affairs for using the word ‘Kashmiri’ as a racial slur

“Opposition leader Mian Hamza Shahbaz Kashmiri Sahab,” states Fayyaz Chohan while addressing an audience in October.

Chohan repeatedly used the word Kashmiri as a racial slur. Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan Ali Amin Gandapur condemned the controversial remarks made by the Punjab Information Minister and that the PTI would take strict action against the Minister.

Chohan’s last faux pas

In a latest debacle, Chohan came under fire from all sides following the derogatory comments he made regarding the Hindu community. When his words were criticised, he stated that he meant no offence to the Hindu community in Pakistan and was referring to Modi.

Punjab’s CM has since asked for Chohan’s resignation. Read more: CM Punjab asks Fayyaz-ul-Chohan to hand in resignation over Racist remarks against the Hindu Community

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