More than a dozen live shells of an anti-aircraft gun have been found from a plot located about half a kilometre from the Banigala residence of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

A senior officer of the foreign mission spotted the ammunition lying in the plot adjacent to the prime minister’s house, stated the police. 

Following which a patrolling team reached the spot and cordoned off the area.

A police officer shard that because of the private residence of the prime minister, search and combing operation were conducted on a regular basis in the area. Recently, the area was scanned and declared cleared.

However, when the area was searched this time, 18 bullets of the anti-aircraft gun were seized. A police officer confirmed that the bullets were 30mm in length and seemed to be de-coloured and old.

Circumstances suggested that someone had brought the ammunition to the plot during the last a couple of days and tried to hide them in the garbage there, he added.

The ammunition has been shifted to a safe place and will be sent to a lab for forensic analysis, said the officer.