The Food giant Nestle Pakistan has been booked under the Code of Criminal Procedure in Section 154 due to its ‘poisonous’ products that took the life of a one-month old baby.

Here’s what happened

One-month-old Wajeeha died due to the consumption of Nestle’s formula milk, Lactogen

An FIR has been lodged

Shehbaz Elahi, the superintendent of Police Lahore Cantt, ordered First Information Report (FIR) registration on Saturday. The FIR further states that the complainant’s daughter had fallen sick after consuming Nestle’s products and was taken to a hospital. However, she could not survive and a post mortem ensued. Lambda-Cyhalothrin (pesticide) and Phenytoin were detected in cavity material’ of the body.

Nestle has denied the Charge

Nestle reached out to ProperGaanda. While negating all accusations, the company expressed sorrow over the incident. However, it said that the quality of its products is an important matter for the company. It stressed that the lab report does not prove the sample submitted by the complainant is Nestle’s Lactogen. The company believes that it does not have anything to do with this accident.

ProperGaanda has reached out for an interview.

Nestle has a history of sketchy practises

In 2013, reports emerged that thousands of Pakistanis in the Bhati Diwan village were getting sick due to drinking sludge water, as Nestle had drained their water supply for their bottled water.

In 1999 A Pakistani salesman Syed Aamir Raza Hussain, who became a whistle-blower against his former employer Nestle released a report two years after leaving the company in which he alleged that Nestle was encouraging doctors to push its infant formula products over breastfeeding. which was making baby’s seriously ill. Nestle has denied Raza’s allegations.

An oscar winning director later made a movie on it aswell which didn’t release in Pakistan.

The latest case marks the second time Nestle has been accused of causing life threatening health issues. While people have been questioning the recent incident, so far the mainstream media seems to be quiet on the matter.

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