On Monday evening, a structure older than all your grannies and grandpas combined caught fire while the super expensive 163 million dollar renovations were taking place! Yikes.

The building was none other than Notre-Dame: an iconic symbol of art, culture and religion in Paris.

Since the fire, there has been an enormous out pouring of grief from the general public, including millennials who have no idea what Notre Dame even is! But that didn’t stop them from sharing a video of the historic building catching fire along with a crying emoji of course.

And while Parisians line the streets and sing hymns, it is obvious that the most affected are the Pakistani elites and socialites, who have a deep connection to the place they visited for their quarterly pilgrimage to ‘YO’ROP’.

And while everyone has been uploading pictures with Notre Dame as if it is the latest and most coveted lawn ka jora, one couple is facing the impossible.

As high society posts countless pictures from their recent trips to Paris, a Pakistani couple from DHA Lahore couldn’t find their bloody pictures! Shams and Bams, who have refused to tell us their real thick desi names, shared that they are distraught. Shams, who’s real name we assume is Shumaila, shared that she and her husband recently upgraded to the iPhone XS Max, and forgot to upload their data to iCloud.

While their socialite friends are starting to doubt their status, Shams and Bams took to Twitter to swear they did indeed visit Paris, and take pictures in front of Notre Dame.

“It’s become a little awkward. In the last 24 hours, our friends have posted all kinds of pictures with Notre Dame, and like woh phone wali tasweerain, like we took them with a DSLR man” – Unhappy Bams.

“Like you know it’s a perfect tragedy for our type of crowd, like events like these seperate us from the YAARAP’s of Pakistan” – extremely unhappy Shams.

The unhappy couple say they have posted about 12 statuses with pictures from the internet, changed their profile picture and cover photo on all social platforms just to prove that they are very very hurt about the fire at Notre Dame. They literally can’t do any more to prove they were there and are equally affected by the tragedy.

We asked the couple if they were also devastated about the 20 people from the Hazara community who died last week in Quetta.

To which the couple replied, “Hazara who?”


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