DG ISPR Asim Ghafoor called on the major news publications today to thank them for being “So Understanding” in these times of crisis, shared the DG ISPR via twitter.

While talking to media later, Asim Ghafoor said, Pakistan has one of the top freedoms guaranteed to journalists. Period.

There were no counters.

“Rather than calling it curbing or curtailing voices, I would call it curbing treason and at the end we’re all on the side of Pakistan are we not?” asked Asim Ghafoor addressing rumours of curbing dissent online.

The room full of media reporters stubbornly and in coordination said, Yes Sir!

Ghafoor also talked about Media Platforms that were doing an exemplary job in portraying the right side of Pakistan like Bol News, Public TV and ARY.

“The Nation used to be not so good, but look at them now. They were smart and free enough to evolve”

The General ended the conference by telling everyone to chant ‘Pakistan ZIndabad’ loudly with him before blessing them with a “Shabash”.

Disclaimer: The above article is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke!