There has been some progress in Qandeel Baloch’s murder case.

According to a Facebook post by Activist and Lawyer Nighat Dad, “Qandeel’s brother Arif who was nominated in FIR under 109 PPC & was living in Saudi Arabia, avoiding the arrest for almost 3 years have been arrested by Interpol last night.” She goes on to further state that, “He abetted in Qandeel’s murder, urged Waseem (brother) to kill her.” Forensic evidence was found on his phone, showing him to urge his brother.

What Happened?

For those of you who live under a rock, the life and death of Qandeel Baloch changed Pakistan. The model/social media star rose to prominence for posting risqué content. Her content got her labelled the “Kim Kardasian” of Pakistan; but Qandeel’s situation was much more commendable. That isn’t to say Kim Kardasian’s success isn’t respectable-but she comes from the elite. In a society that has a more liberal view on female sexuality and freedom.

Born Fouzia Aleem, Qandeel was born in Dera Ghazi Khan, and hailed from the village Shah Sadar Din.

After being forced into an arranged marriage and having a kid; Qandeel had enough. She decided she wanted more for herself-so she decided to move to the big city and try her hand at modeling and acting. But in a place like Pakistan, where the elite bubble rule who get’s attention and who doesn’t-making it hard to Qandeel to find work. But she was determined. Then came her first success of virality. Her audition for Pakistani Idol made her the laughing stock for Pakistan’s social media. Like Kim Kardasian, Qandeel saw an opportunity, a way to launch herself into the mainstream.

Then she started to post risque content, similar to those of Rakhi Sawat in India.

In a place like Pakistan, this type of celebrity had not been seen. She received universal hate for her posts. She was made to be a villain for her posts. It had gotten so bad that she started to fear for her life. She even appealed to the Multan police to provide her security, as she was receiving death threats. However, none was given. As she started to gain more fame, she decided she had to speak up for herself.

Towards the end of her life, she used her platform to argue against the double standard that was placed on her as a woman.

She was earning money, through both legal and moral means. She was improving the standard of living of her huge family, paying for her parents medical bills-becoming the breadwinner for her whole family. But then the media did what it always does. Her real name was exposed; and her secret was exposed to her family.

This would end up being the catalyst to her died-because the news had a juicy story of their favorite national joke.

On 15 July 2016, Qandeel Baloch was drugged and then asphyxiated by her brother M. Waseem while she was asleep at her parents’ home in Multan.

While Qandeel had ben hated during her life, her death shocked the nation. An outcry form the public gathered international news. This outcry finally led to the government taking steps to change the law regarding honour killins. Blood money could no longer be offered in cases of honour killings, meaning this case may find justice.

Though it’s nearly 3 years later, and we are still trying to find that justice.

Where are they now?

So here at Propaganda, we decided to look at all the people involved with the Qandeel Baloch murder case, and where they are all right now.

The Brothers

The first people we want to look at are the people implicated in her death. The main accused in this crime, Qandeel’s brother Waseem, has been in jail awaiting conviction on this case.

Nighat Dad updates us, “Waseems’ bail has been cancelled by courts twice however Mufti Qavi, Haq Nawaz (cousin) Abdul Basit (relative) Zafar (Haq nawaz relative) Aslam (brother) are out on bail.” So Qandeel’s two brothers are in jail, while the rest of the people involved roam freely. Their last locations are unknown at this moment.

Mufti Qavi with Qandeel Baloch

Mufti Qavi

Even though all the implicated mentioned above have been investigated and named within the FIR notice, they roam free. Mufti Qavi, who currently is in Multan, is the most interesting name on the list, as many suspect he may have urged the family members to kill her.

One of Qandeel’s last posts had been a photo with Mufti Qavi, which got his membership of the Ruet-i-Hilal committee and the National Ulema Mushaikh Council suspended.

He has appeared before the court, but has run away before a judgement could be passed, only to be later arrested on the Multan Highway In October 2017. Some even alleged that Qandeel was killed at his friend’s house.

While that is yet to be proved, Mufti Qavi seems to be acting too suspiciously to not be involved in some way.

His name was added on the insistence of Qandeel’s parents, who also believe he urged the boys to murder the social media star.

The Parents

As many have noticed, Qandeel’s parents are anxiously awaiting for this part of their ordeal to be over. It has been 3 years since their family was destroyed, and it has taken a toll on them. Located in Dera Ghazi Khan, it is a long commute to go to the court in Multan.

They are low on resources; but her father continues to fight for his daughter.

These three years have been hard, and Qandeel’s mother has already forgiven the brother, stating that he was manipulated by Mufti Qavi. Qandeel’s father believes similar things, but wants his sons to be punished for their role in the crime.

As many have noticed, this case is taking much longer than expected, which has baffled lawyer Nighat Dad.

She had appealed to the government to finish this case off and provide justice to a wronged woman.

Justice delayed is better than justice denied. The progress in this case has been slow, but with Arif’s arrest we have hope that Qandeel will finally get justice for the heinous crime committed against her.

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