Deemed one of Pakistan’s biggest characters; Maula Jutt is finally returning! The Lahore High Court on Tuesday forwarded the appeal for the release of The Legend of Maula Jutt to the censor board. According to the provincial high court, the board can decide whether character names and dialogues can be used in the film or not. Sarwar Bhatti, the makers of 1979 Maula Jutt, accused Bilal Lashari of making this movie without any permission.

During the hearing, it was observed that Lashari has illegally made the 2019 film in which the original 1979 title, Maula Jutt, its characters and dialogues have been used.

Lashari’s legal team maintained that in the March 19 verdict, the court didn’t impose any ban on the film’s screening. A stay order is being demanded for misinterpreting the court verdict, and The Legend of Maula Jutt makers were allowed to use the characters, names and dialogues in the film.

Producer Ammara Hikmat posted to twitter to celebrate the legal victory.

In an interesting twist to this tale, it has come to light that Bahu Films Corporation — the production house behind Maula Jatt — in fact had six partners. Sarwar Bhatti had claimed to be the sole owner of one of the greatest hits ever produced by Pakistani filmmakers-however this may not even have been true.

Either way, we’re just excited to see this new movie, starting one of Pakistan’s most popular characters, in a whole new light. This type of movie has yet to be made in Pakistan, so that will be great to see.

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