Asia Bibi – who was let out of prison seven months ago – was last night on her way to be reunited with her daughters in Canada-her lawyers confirm. Mrs Bibi, 53, had been languishing in custody enduring an agonizing wait while her freedom was blocked by the Pakistan army. She had been in failing health and was being denied access to medical care.

In January, the Supreme Court reversed earlier judgments handed down by the Lahore High Court as well as a trial court and thereby overturning the conviction of Aasia Bibi in the blasphemy case against her. The three-judge bench subsequently ordered the 50-something mother-of-four’s immediate release from jail, where she had been languishing for 9-odd years. However, this verdict caused mass protests and security issues, meaning she had to be remain in custody for her own safety.

Here depart means she is finally free from the fear from lynch mobs who were demanding her execution. Asia Bibi was accused of committing Blasphemy in 2010, however the court ruled the evidence was not enough-finally setting her free.

Blasphemy has been a sensitive topic in Pakistan, leading to mass mob lynching. The biggest known example is the Mashal Khan lynching in 2017, which shocked the world and showed the power a false blasphemy charge can do.