A recent study done by an online portal recentstudiesfindingjackshit.com, found that both the demand and supply of memes have increased exponentially over the last two years. 

One of the reasons is shear rise in stupidity and idiocaracy on the part of everyone in the country!

“Khadim Rizvi and Faisal Vawda both played an instrumental part in this rising meme culture, and now Fawad Chaudry aswell. This government is a perfect meme government” – random shiz page manager Xubi Dubi Sho

For a truly epic meme culture, there are 5 things that need to be on point which is almost next to impossible; ridiculous government, frustrated individuals ranting 24/7 , cats, world’s most popular tv show turning into a joke and the world going to crap. Miraculously all 5 happened this year. Xubi Dubi Sho further explained.

Another facebook page manager explained how memes like these have become household names and while he might be the one who orignially made them, they have been copied a gazillion times.

“It doesn’t matter, I copied the images in the first place so you see the beauty is that everything is copyright infringed so nobody really gives a s****!” – The page manager proudly stated.

A wise social media addict once said, in a world full of Faisal Vawda’s be a freaking meme.