Hum TV, one of Pakistan’s biggest networks, along with Moomal Production has refused to pay their actor, Rabya Kulsoom Rehan, for her time on the show. This was made public by fellow actor Faizan Shaikh in a Facebook, in which he calls out both the production house and the network for unfair treatment of their actor.

According to the post, actor Rabya Kulsoom Rehan had to leave the country for an some important work. After informing the production team a month in advance, and shooting 90%-95% of the scenes, the AD Saif khan and Anila Mushtaq threatened and yelled at Rabya. Allegedly, Anila said she leaves the country and doesnt shoot, HUM TV will ban her and she will never be cast by anyone in the industry. Furthermore, HUM TV will get her UK visa cancelled. These threats allegedly left her in tears.

Just today, Rabya got her final cheque which was suppose to be RS 182,000 and she got a cheque of only RS 30,000 with a letter from Moomal production with the break down of all the expenses they had to bear in order to shoot with Rabya’s body double while she was away. This has left Rabya devastated.

This isn’t the first time Hum TV has gotten in trouble. In 2017, Hum TV was fined by “objectionable clips” in one of its drama series. And unfortunately this isn’t the first time artists have not been paid their dues. Patari was recently called out for not giving it’s artists royalties they owned. This shows a trend of artists and creative forces being taken advantage.