We are all major fans of Keanu Reeves. His latest movie, John Wick 3, has found huge success in the industry. This has reminded people of what a great and amazing person Keanu is. However, this one woman took her love for Keanu to another extreme!

This is Zahra Haider, a 32-year-old Pakistani woman, with her mother.

She decided to prank her mom by texting her that she’s dating Keanu Reeves.

As you can see in the above screenshots, her mother had no idea how Keanu was, so Zahra decided to have a little fun with her. Not only has Zahra built an entire persona for her, she got her mother’s blessing!

Zahra posted the screenshots on Twitter her mother have become twitter famous.

When informed by the news, Zahra’s mother was anything but shocked. Way to go cool mom!

I hope that made your weekend as blissful as mine.