An incident of assault

Earlier on Sunday morning, the ISPR, Major General Ghafoor took to twitter reporting an incident of assault which took place in North Waziristan. According to the reports, a group led by Mohsin Javed and Ali Wazir stormed the Kharqamar check post in Boyya which is a tribal district in North Waziristan. The group demanded the release of a suspected terrorist facilitator who was taken into custody earlier on. The troops positioned at the checkpost did not however comply to the provocation and resisted with full force. This ultimately lead to a misadventure which resulted in direct firing injuring 5 soldiers. Sources have stated that the injured soldiers were immediately rushed to an Army hospital.

Dawar and Ali Wazir’s side of the story!

Mohsin Ali Dawar and Ali Wazir, the leaders of PTM have said that there are two sides of the story. According to their version, the leaders and their supporters had gathered to protest against an operation in Kharqamar area of Datta Khel tehsil which is situated in North Waziristan. Mohsin Dawar has claimed that the soldiers at Kharqamar check post stopped the rally in their tracks, violence ensued and as the protestors outnumbered the soldiers, they successfully managed to pass through.

The former has stated that it was only after they reached the protest camp that they heard aerial firing and the very next moment gun shots were fired directly at the participants of the rally. This caused mayhem as people started running in order to survive the firing. Owing to this incident, at least two dozen people were injured including Dawar. Later on as situation got out of hands, Minister of National Assembly Ali Wazir and Dawar were arrested. A curfew has been imposed.