If you hadn’t heard, a video from LUMS has gone viral.

The video, which was originally posted to the social media app TikTok, was posted to Twitter by “journalist” Irshad Bhatti. After that, social media when crazy either defending or attacking LUMS for creating this environment. The tweets are insane, but some are pretty funny.

Because of all of this, we decided to go down memory lane and see when all has Pakistani society lost it sh@# over dancing.

LUMS dance video


Now if you see the video, you know how harmless the dancing is. The biggest offence in the video is how bad the college kids are dancing. I mean seriously bad dancing. However, Irshad Bhatti thought it was immoral and unjust and decided to showcase it to the world in the negative light. This was posted a few days ago, and took sometime to go viral. However, it has started a “discussion” on on-campus behavior. Wow. Just wow.

Viral video puts doubt of victim’s claims

A couple of months ago, Asma Aziz posted a video of how her husband had beaten her and shaved her hair after she refused to dance for him and his friend. After her video went viral and her husband and friend were arrested, we hoped justice would be served. However, another video leaked, this time of Asma Aziz dancing. This turned social media against her, making many doubt her claims. Because that is how fickle our population is.

DYOT Anarkali dance

Now if you don’t remember this video, let me remind you. Up and coming model Rehmat Ajmal and a group of young models starred in an advertisement for a clothing brand DYOT. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t the best ad. The premise of the ad was for people to do their own thing, no matter what society said. However, the message was a bit too on the nose. But the hate these people received was unnecessarily bad. As proven by everyone’s reaction to the AuratMarch, you know that anything even associated with the word “feminism” gets a ton of hate. This video was no different.

Dancing Moulvis

At the beginning of last year, a video went viral of a moulvi having the time of his life! Unfortunately the moulvi was at risk of losing his job after the video, which was clearly meant to not be seen by the public, went viral. While this video is funny, for him to have his livelihood potentially taken away from him is a bit of an extreme step.

Beenish Chohan dancing….in a moving car!

In 2017, actress Beenish Chohan decided to be funny with her friends and dance in a car. However, the video found itself on social media, sending Pakistani moral policing into overdrive. The video has been long forgotten by most, except for trolls who occasionally bring it up. Luckily for us, Beenish Chohan has tougher skin that most.

Imaan Mazari dancing video

A couple of years ago, pictures of Shireen Mazari’s daugther, Imaan Mazari, went viral. In the pictures, Imaan is seen dancing and having fun with her friends. Many people were quick to judge Imaan for her actions, and it is constantly used against her to this date. Imaan even pointed out that everytime she is critical of anything that goes against the mainstream, these photos start to resurface.