Irtiza rubab better known by her stage name Meera, she has been deemed as Pakistans most controversial actress, with a string of scandals.

What most people fail to notice is her considerable contribution to the Pakistani cinema with films such as “khilona” which received the nigar award and “hotal” which received recognition across the border at the 3rd Delhi Film Festival.

The question that everyone wanted answered

While Meera has had a lot of scandal and controversy, the most prominent topic which concerns everyone has been her marriage with Attique-ur-Rehman, a businessman who claimed to be her husband. He filed a case of polyandry against Meera for being married with him and Captain Naveed at the same time. However Meera retaliated against the claim and said that the documents produced by Rehman were forged. It took nine years for the family court to rule that the marriage was valid, meera later filed for khula to terminate the marriage.

The butt of everyone’s joke

Meera has been the centre of a lot of ridicule due to her weak English with countless viral videos taunting the actress. Nevertheless she has used the hate as a tool to stay relevant within the media making numerous headlines whether through her public proposal to Imran khan or her covers of Hollywood songs such as celine dion “my heart will go on”.

Are you ready for Meera’s comeback?

Meera has mastered the skill of “the comeback”. Having an unorthodox career, Meera has ha to pave her own way through, coming back from each scandal stronger that before. Meera will recently be seen in the film “Baaji” alongside Osman Khalid Butt and Amna Ilyas a few of the most renowned names of the Pakistani film industry. With the release of the trailer Meera has received praise for her dedication to the role, the director of the film Saqib Malik has deemed the movie as Meeras comeback.

Is Meera ready for her comeback?

Since her debut in 1995 Meera received quite the critical acclaim for movies she did in Lollywood and Bollywood, but somewhere along the way we see the actress get lost in a series of scandals and lose her niche of acting. However her comeback in “Baaji” could hopefully mean a step out of the negative spotlight shes been subjected to for quite sometime.