If you’re a fan of dark humour, you’re gonna love J. L. Westover aka Mr. Lovenstein’s comics. The artist himself describes them as “sad, pathetic, and sarcastic but in a funny way.” You’ll be surprised with how dark these comics can go, and but I promise you’ll enjoy the ride. Just scroll down and see his amazing artwork.

1. Let’s start with something not too dark

2. The only time I ever get laid

3. For anyone who has social anxiety

4. The truth

5. How I feel all the time

6. Jealousy is gift best served this way

7. Don’t lie that you’ve never had this conversation

8. What I wish Bran was

9. Really sewing in those seeds of doubt

10. For all those who get the struggle

11. All the times we lie to ourselves

12. And this is why I’m single

13. Never leave your dog unattended

14. Again, more lies we tell ourselves

15. The sad truth about our reality

16. The sad truth about power

17. Why I’m actually not in a relationship

18. The way society is

19. How I feel at work sometimes

20. Self Love is important

21. MOOD