With the summer holidays upon us, there is no escaping the vacation fever, especially as our social media feeds overflow with pictures from places like Murree to Paris.

Of course, there are also those like us here at ProperGaanda who are confined to their rooms typing away at a laptop. Which is why we thought we would contribute to this vacation season with some advice for all of you. Everyone from your friends to your Careem driver may have some advice on what places to visit but does anyone ever tell you where not to go? Well, today we are going to do just that so read on to find out the 6 places you should most definitely avoid this summer.


This town was initially built as a mountain resort by the British and for a while, it was a stunning vacation spot. The best part about it was how accessible it was as compared to other areas in the north. Murree once held the appeal of a serene natural environment coupled with more urban ventures like the Mall Road. But today, as throngs of tourists head to the city, the area is riddled with all the issues of extreme tourism. The once calm environment has now been replaced by regular traffic jams and widespread littering which seriously takes away from the natural beauty. Murree may still be chosen by many out of convenience or its reputation as a famous holiday spot, but Pakistan has so much more to offer than an overcrowded and polluted city. Honestly a trip there ends up giving you more stress than relaxation. What’s the point?


While you’re heading towards Quetta or visiting Balochistan, Sibi might seem like an ideal spot to visit, considering the historical value of the city with the temples and shrines it has to offer. The area has been ruled by various different rulers from the Hindu Sewa Dynasty to the British and as such travelers find diverse historical sites which might seem extremely interesting but please do remember that this city is also known as the “hot spot” of Pakistan. And if your plan is to escape the heat in Lahore, we think going to a place like Sibi isn’t the smartest idea. How about go when it cools down a bit?


Traveling along the Karakoram Highway is an ideal road trip for most Pakistanis. It offers a stunning route with all the natural beauty that our northern areas are famed for. One such spot along the highway is Chilas, a small city in Gilgit Baltistan situated next to the River Indus. Not only does Chilas have trekking routes towards the famous fairy meadows and Beyal Camp onto the Nanga Parbat Base Camp it is also known for archeological sites. All these factors make Chilas seem like a tempting option, but you should remember that the city is also known for having a very dry climate and if you’re trying to escape the heat this summer do you really want to go here? Additionally, Chilas also has some major security issues due to tribal feuds and violence. A source stated that the annual murder rate is 20 to 25 people despite a small population. Now that doesn’t sound like a stress-free holiday spot.

Thar Desert

The Thar Desert with its mesmerizing sand dunes and the unique local culture inspired by Rajasthani traditions presents itself as an interesting tourist attraction. Not only is it the ninth largest desert in the world but is also the only fertilized one. It also offers rich diversity in its historical sites which range from temples and mosques to ashrams and forts. So the area certainly has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism, but once again would it really be wise to head out there during the height of summer? We would suggest that you move your plans to the much cooler winter months and enjoy the sites of the desert when your clothes aren’t getting drenched in sweat.


Swat is another northern tourist destination famed for its scenic beauty owing to the lush orchids, snow covered peaks and glacier fed lakes that it is well known for. The area was once a major center for the development of early Buddhist thought and as such has various ruins from that era. This mixture of memorable natural beauty with cultural and historical influences made Swat an ideal place for tourists which has led to most of the problems that Murree faces. Today Swat is overcrowded, and you’ll often find its famous lakes littered with trash, so unless you want to be stuck in a traffic jam only to end up with a somewhat disappointing trip we suggest that you head elsewhere.