Most women are unfortunately aware of the disgusting feeling of getting an unsolicited picture. You know the kind.

For some reason, men think what they do online just stays there. But a personal trainer from Lahore has had enough of receiving unsolicited d*** pictures, and decided to teach this man a lesson.

And we feel this was much deserved.

Meet Aleena Iqtidar

Aleena Iqtidar is a personal trainer and the founder of Reconstruct, the first app-based fitness startup that specialises in personalised training and desi nutrition plans. She is also a LUMS graduate, and a Certified personal trainer and nutritionist by International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).

When she isn’t working out and staying healthy, she engages in calling out people out on their bullsh@! Today, she woke up to a site women are all too familiar with. A man named Hamad Rehman had been messaging her for sometime now, unsolicited.

However, when Aleena continued to not reply, the man decides it’s a smart idea to send an unsolicited d*** picture. Most women would just ignore it, but not Aleena.

Instead of just sitting back and tolerating this, Aleena decided to remove any sense of privacy this man felt and expose him to the world.

I mean she really let him have it

Within her instagram posts and stories, Aleena tells us how she reported his accounts to Facebook, Instagram and the FIA.

She has also sent messages to his family members, exposing his behaviour. However, his accounts have been deactivated since the incident. Now, Aleena is looking to expose the man, hold him accountable for this form of harassment. And luckily for Aleena, the cyber crime law covers this. As Hamad got wind of this, he tried his best to get Aleena to take down his post.

Then what happened?

After sharing her story, Aleena updated all of us on what has happened.

When we reached out to Aleena about her whole ordeal, she told us that the FIA has been involved and so has his family. She also went on to talk about how prevalent this type of harassment is. “Many girls suffer in silence because of cyber-harassment – many choose to ignore and not speak either because of lack of supportive forums or social backlash, but sooner or later this issue has to be talked about.”

 She went further to state that, “I am the first girl from Pakistan uploading workout videos on social media, so the backlash is there, but so is the small, but nonetheless encouraging support.”

Aleena Iqtidar showed us all how to deal with an unsolicited d*** picture – by removing the very privacy these men try to hide behind. Maybe if more men knew they can’t get away with such behaviour, we’d have less creeps sliding into our dms.