Bank Alfalah just fired an employee after journalist Hasan Zaidi called him out on Twitter for abusive behavior.

Fazeel Tajammul, the Unit Head Financial Reporting at Bank Alfalah, used abusive language after Hasan Zaidi’s critiqued of Imran Khan. In response, Hasan decided to find out where this man worked and get some retribution.

Eventually Hasan was able to do so and tweet out this.

Bank Alfalah promptly fired Fazeel, and released a statement explaining how his actions go against the code of conduct of the company.

This action has divided social media, with many attacking Hasan Zaidi for using his influence to get a man fired for his comments on social media. This got so bad that #boycottbankalfalah has been trending all morning.

Some even pointed to Hasan’s past abusive language on twitter, and asked Dawn, his employer, to fire him.

Other defended Hasan Zaidi, pointing out to the employees past abusive language directed to others.

Others just enjoyed the hastag, which you could only expect out of the twitterverse.

All in all, this moment shows to us a couple of things.

People need to be more careful what they say online. We think we have a certain privacy, even when we literally post on public sphere. Your actions have consequences. Conversation about privilege and power are important to have. Recognizing that too is important.

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