Tomorrow is the day, the big show down between Pakistan and India! No matter who comes out on top, we can expect a high stress match with even higher stakes.

Here are six clashes we can expect tomorrow:

Mohammad Amir vs Rohit Sharma

This rivalry is synonymous with Pakistan vs India ever since Muhammad Amir returned to international cricket in 2016. In March 2016, Rohit commented that Amir is just a normal bowler and everyone should stop talking about him already, Next time the pair clashed, it took Amir just three balls to dismiss Rohit. The pair will go head-to-head again on Sunday and there is no doubt Rohit will be keen to get his revenge.

Amir vs Kohli

A clash of the titans! The greatest batsman today vs the best bowler of this era. Both players have praised each other on numerous occasions but can Amir get the big wicket again or will Kohli get his revenge for the Champions trophy!?

Hassan vs Dhoni

India’s hopes crashed in the CT final in 2017 when Hassan Ali got the big wicket of MSD! While Dhoni is back in form, Hassan Ali is struggling to get wickets. Let us know in the comments below who you think will come out on top!

Shadab/Imad vs Hardik

When the two teams met at the Champions trophy, Hardik smashed Imad, in the first match and Shadab for a hat-rick of 6s in the second match. This will have its own excitement in the middle overs as India will be relying highly on Hardik to accelerate during the 11th to the 35th over.

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Bumrah vs Fakhar

Everything changed when the ball on which Fakhar got out in the final was given a no ball. Fakhar continued on to score a century and rest is history. Bumrah will be looking to capitalise on his current form and get early wickets for India.

Bhuvi vs Hafeez

Hafeez was seen in good knick in the matches played till now. However, history has shown that bowlers like Bhuveshnawar have trouble under the pressure. I expect Kohli to use Bhuvi for a short spell to get professor’s important wicket.

Let us know what you are looking forward to in tomorrow’s match in the comments below!