Everyone knows that the Pakistan-India match will probably be the most watched match within the series.

Because of the animosity between the two countries, massive amount of people from both countries glue themselves to the television to see which side comes on top. However, this world cup has had to deal with an unexpected problem that may cause the mother of all battles to not happen-the rain.

Rain rain go away, come again another day

The rain has already caused 4 matches to get cancelled, disappointing many. Sunday’s forecast shows that there is a possibility for rain in Greater Manchester, which the venue for the match is located. If Sunday’s match gets cancelled, it will not only disappoint over a billion people around the world, but cost money!

Cancellation of the India vs Pakistan ICC World Cup match can be a Rs 137.5 crore blow, impacting broadcaster Star Sports and big advertisers such as Coca-Cola, Uber, OnePlus and MRF Tyres. Over 40 advertisers have tried to seize the opportunity and gain ad-spots within this match. Advertisement slots for the game are being sold at a 50% premium for the India vs Pakistan match because of the high viewership of these time slots.

So does that mean all that money goes to waste if the match doesn’t happen?

Well it depends what package the advertisers have gotten. Those who are supposed to play their ads on the live programme and not the analysis and highlights suffer the most. The time slot they have purchased gets carried forward to another match, but since the reach for the Pak-India match is literally unmatched the company paid a higher premium for less viewership. For the broadcaster, an insurance clause covers the loss of revenue but only if not a single ball is played.

So do you think the match will get cancelled because of the rain? Let us know what you think in the comment section! And check out our rundown of India and Pakistan matches through the World Cup.