Saleem the resident of Lohari Gate area, Lahore was booked under section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code, for speaking blasphemous remarks at a public place in Lohari Gate area, Lahore. The trial of the accused was conducted in two halves. Half of which was conducted in court and the other half via video link. The accused remained in Camp Jail for security purposes.

According to Deputy prosecutor General Muhammad Amjad 12 witnessed had recorded testimonies against Saleem. Six of which were recorded in court, while the other half were recorded via vide link. Additional Session Judge also read the verdict out to Saleem over video link.

Blasphemy is a sensitive and complicated topic, with the Asia bibi case leading to mass protests all over the country. Many people have been lynched as well, showing the intense reaction from, which is why this case was handled the way it was.