A surprising turn of events showed that Ariel really cannot clean stains!

Bisma Maroof, Pakistan’s Cricket team captain, had to miss the latest match because she was too busy trying to get the stain out her clothes. Ariel’s latest ad depicted a detergent powder strong enough to wash stains from our society! However, Ariel has failed at it’s core purpose, as it was unable to even clean the stains out of their Spokespersons clothes!

Ariel, one of the most common washing detergents, was the cause of the Pakistani team missing their captain. It’s pretty sad actually, because Ariel constantly challenges people to show the strength of their brand. But when Bisma tried to do the biggest challenge of them all-being able to take care of her house and have a job-Ariel failed her. I guess there are some stains too strong for Ariel after all. This has also led to Ariel’s failure against society’s stain too. Let’s hope Ariel can get it’s company back in order!

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