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Even though Pakistanis love their chai, coffee has become more common-especially by the working population. You even have coffee shops at nearly every corner of the city, showing the rapid increase in demand for such a strong beverage. So we decided to see where we could get the best coffee from. If any of you want to be part of our discussion, follow us on on Instagram @propergaanda and weigh in on our daily discussions!

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1. Movenpick

The first of many foreign brands to make our list, Movenpick is known for it’s high-end ice cream. However, Movenpick’s coffee is surprisingly popular, getting the most votes from our community. Their coffee is so popular that they sell their coffee beans to the public!

2. Mocca

We would’ve been pretty surprised if a place literally named after a type of coffee didn’t make the list. Mocca is one of the many coffee places that seemed to come out of nowhere. They’ve been fortunate enough to be able to crave out space in the market for themselves, with their coffees being near perfect, at least according to our respondents.

3. Coffee Planet

Naming your establishment after your signature dish can be risky. Just check out our list on burgers to see what we’re talking about. However, Coffee Planet has been able to live up to it’s name and compete with the best of the best, including MNC’s.

4. Coffee Bean

Like Coffee Planet before it, Coffee Bean had enough confidence in itself to name itself after it’s signature dish. And luckily for them and us, they’ve been able to deliver high-quality coffee. One of our respondents said that it reminded her of Starbucks, which is a pretty great association to create.

5. Chaaye Khana

Now this one was a surprise for us. We assumed a place that has coffee’s biggest competitor as it’s signature would not have the best coffee. However, the PG community loved the unique flavours their coffee had to offer. It takes a lot to make people remember you for more than just your signature dish, and Chaaye Khana has been able to.

6. Second Cup

Coffee shops have become increasingly common throughout the years. With places like Second Cup, that has been able to create an environment that is unique to it’s establishment, we can see why. With multiple locations in Lahore’s busiest’s commercial areas, Second Cup has been able to expand all over Lahore.

7. Mcdonalds

Ending our list with one of the most reliable restaurants to make our list, Mcdonalds has literally be able to produce anything they set their minds to. With the introduction of the McCafe to the Lahore crowd, Mcdonalds has been able to make another list of ours and officially become the all-rounder they market themselves as.