Trigger Warning: Sexual Harassment, Rape, Violence

Activists belonging to Habib University, a liberal arts college in Karachi, have taken to Social Media to highlight why victims of sexual violence choose to stay silent.

The activists, all belonging to the Habib feminist collective, took to Social Media to start the campaign #WhydidntIreport to “highlight the fact that YOU will only hear the stories WE can bear to tell.” The purpose of the campaign is to shed light on the reasons why women do not report the sexual violence they face.

According to their Instagram post, “We want to sensitise our readers with these anonymous cases, so that if in the future we come across another survivor of abuse, we hope they are met with more empathy, that their struggles are not silenced with shame and that we as a society can come together to fight against harassment.” 

Most of the posts showcase the complicated, nuanced reasons why women are silenced after sexual violence

Societal pressures can silent victims

Some victims fear for the lives of the people around them

Or their judgement

In a time when women are finally finding a space to speak their truth, it’s important to understand why victims of sexual violence have stayed silence for all these years. Campaigns like this help create more empathy and understanding of the perspective of the victims. Moreover, it highlights that these victims aren’t alone in their pain and how important it is to end this culture of silence. More power to the Habib Feminist Collective!

You can send them your reasons via email: or inbox them on Facebook. EVERYTHING will be dealt with confidentiality and no details will be disclosed about the identity of the survivor, even if they personally consent to it.