In the beginning on Main Boulevard Defence exists an up and coming Ice Cream parlour that has been able to create a space for itself in a short time.

Ever since they’ve opened their Main Boulevard branch, Jay Bee’s has become the talk of the town for it’s amazing Ice cream that is guaranteed to satisfy your every need. With their low prices, yet large helpings, they have been able to capture the attention of literally everyone.

Designed as an Ice Cream stand, similar to places like Robiya and Chaman, Jay Bee’s has been able to gather people from different socio-economic backgrounds into one place. When you go to one of their locations, you can find people from literally different backgrounds, all in their vehicles, just enjoying the incredible ice cream they serve.

Part of the reasons Jay Bee’s has been able to find such success it because of its accessibility. It isn’t overpriced like Cosa Nostra or Hot Spot, and it doesn’t cut on quality, like Robiya. Their small scoop, which would be a medium anywhere else, is only RS. 60! This got us thinking, has Jay Bee’s taken Chaman’s mantle?

Have Lahoris found a new place to congregated without class divisions?