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One of Pakistanis favorite cuisines for dining out is undoubtedly Chinese food. It seems like nearly every other day there’s a new Chinese place opening up it’s doors. We decided to ask our social media community what their favorite places were, and the response was overwhelming! So let’s get into it.

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1. The Wok

The concept of fast Chinese food has taken Lahore by storm, with The Wok leading the way. With the most votes, our respondents loved how great the food was, especially given the economical pricing. It wasn’t overpriced, but it delivers on the flavour. You’ll see further down how many other restaurants use the same formula.

2. Novu

People voted in favour of Novu, the Pan Asian restaurant, which had made one of our other lists. One of the best things about Novu is it’s diverse options. There’s literally something for everyone, at least according to our respondents.

3. Bamboo Union

Located at one of the busiest commercial areas in Lahore, Bamboo Union has been able to strive in a place where you have multiple Chinese restaurants, including The Wok. What makes Bamboo Union distinct is it’s big portions, which is not common at high end restaurants.

4. Mandarin Kitchen

Mandarin Kitchen is one of the newer establishments on our lists, but it’s become a go-to restaurants for guaranteed good quality Chinese food. Places like Mandarin Kitchen strive on their consistent performance. Their success has been so good, they’ve expanding by opening another restaurant, right on top of it!

5. PF Chang’s

The only restaurant on our list that is part of a Multinational Cooperation, PF Chang’s is massively popular in the Unites States. Everyone was pretty excited about it coming to Pakistan, right in the heart of Gulberg’s food center, M.M Alam Road. With it’s grand decor and great food, it has been able to have a steady stream of business.

6. Rice Bowl

Similar to The Wok, Rice Bowl has build their business on the design of fast Chinese Food. Their consistent performance, plus low prices, have allowed them to cement a place for themselves in a market so saturated with competition.

7. Wok This Way

Just like the the one before it, Wok This Way started out with a similar design. However, Wok This Way expanded this dishes to include more traditional Chinese food, allowing it not to get lost in the crowd, even with restaurants with similar names.

8. Cock and Bull

One of the biggest surprises on our list, some of our respondents swear by it! Cock and Bull, known for it’s shawarma, actually has a number of different cuisine options, from Desi to Chinese. Their Chinese food is the epitome of Desi Chinese food, at least according to our respondents.

9. Yum

Our final restaurant is one that has had a steady stream of loyal customers that have made it an institution in Y-block. Surrounded by coffee shops and banks, Yum sticks out from the crowd to literally draw you in.