The ministry, as per Radio Pakistan, has asked pilgrims to use the Android apps for information.

Haj flight operation from Pakistan started on July 4. For the first time, Saudi immigration staff conducted immigration process of 368 Pakistani pilgrims at Islamabad International Airport (IIA) under the Road to Makkah project.

The app, Mina Locator, can be used to identify the user’s residence, the routes to different camps/maktabs, train stations, mosques, hospitals as well as other location in Mina.

The AlMaqsad app provides 3D indoor navigation of Masjid-al-Haram. PakHajj Muavin is an app which provides information about the pilgrims, group information, building and maktab information and travel details.

Rehnuma-e-Hajj app, which is an Urdu language app, provides information and facilitates pilgrims performing Manasik-i-Haj. The Pak Hajj Guide App provides information about preparing for Haj, including information about how to perform Haj, Umrah and Ziarat Madinah.