Many people see Twitch as the go-to place to show off their gaming talents.

The practice of live streaming, or broadcasting your play session in real time, is what the website is known for. Beyond gaming, the site is also home to another kind of streamer, with its “Just Chatting” category filled with personalities sitting at their computers and talking about their day.

So-called “IRL streaming” – derived from the internet jargon “in real life” – has become a popular pastime for many, with personalities like Pokimane and Loltyler1 amassing millions of followers through their regular real-life streams. But some have taken this further, often filming their entire day while out and about in the real world, with some streamers keeping their camera on even in unacceptable situations. Twitch has come down hard on these people, dolling out bans for those who continue to film even while driving a car.

Twitch has been enforcing its rules on people who film IRL streams in recent weeks.One of its most popular stars was recently given a two-week ban for filming in a private space. Guy Beahm, known as Dr Disrespect on Twitch, lost access to his 3.5 million followers for a fortnight for uploading a video which included a segment filmed in a toilet at a gaming conference. Beahm has since apologised for the footage, saying he was “unaware of the legalities surrounding it“.