Khan claims the bout in Riyadh on 8 November is “signed off and done” following his stoppage win over Australia’s Billy Dib in the Middle East on Friday. But Pacquiao’s spokesperson Fred Sternberg told BBC Sport: “Manny has not signed any contract.”

“As far as I know it hasn’t been even discussed,” Sternberg added

A proposed fight between Khan and Pacquiao fell through in 2017 and the 40-year-old is scheduled to fight American Keith Thurman in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Khan emphasised Pacquiao has “signed” for the fight, although he was uncertain how things may play out if Thurman was to pursue any rematch with the Filipino in the event he loses his WBA super-welterweight title on Saturday.

“I hope it is him but we will have to look at back-up plans,” Khan added. “I’ve always wanted to fight him. It’s the biggest fight out there for me.”

But Sternberg said his man is solely focused on Thurman

“He’s been in training camp for the past eight weeks, four in the Philippines and four in the States, and he hasn’t met with Amir Khan during that time.”

He also said he did not know where Khan’s claims had come from: “That’s a question you need to ask Amir Khan”.