Tanya Gersh said that Mr Anglin had published 30 articles on the Daily Stormer website about her, some of which had included contact information. She and her family had then received more than 700 harassing messages. The recommended damages still need to be approved by a district judge. But magistrate Jeremiah Lynch said a default judgement should be entered against Mr Anglin, who failed to turn up for his hearings.

He also said “the atrocious conduct” directed at the family had not stopped – and recommended the court issue a permanent injunction ordering all of the Daily Stormer’s articles urging action against them be removed, including all photographs. Mr Lynch said the high damages were warranted because of “the particularly egregious and reprehensible nature of Anglin’s conduct”.

The amount would both serve to punish him and and deter him from doing it again, he wrote. US federal magistrates are high-ranking judges who can be delegated duties by the district judge – including making these kinds of recommendations.