Shaan Shahid has something to say about the number of Eid releases we’re getting this year.

It all started when a psyched Faysal Qureshi tweeted about his excitement about what’s in store for us all on Eid-Ul-Azha.Th actor gave a shout-out to the upcoming films Heer Maan Ja, Superstarand Parey Hut Love talking about how fun Eid will be.

But Shaan had something else in mind.Replying to Qureshi’s tweet, he wrote, “Not good for the industry to release all the films on the same day. The industry needs more films not Eid releases.”

He added, “These are the best films coming out this year and all spent in one day.” We have to say, Shaan does make a good point. Our entertainment industry has come far enough to not depend on Eid releases to make a film work.When a fan pointed out the fact that movies take advantage of the holidays that come with Eid, Shaan made a point about a film’s quality speaking for itself, saying, “Good films create viewership and all these films are good as gold. They should separately release them.”