His remarks followed an “emotionally charged” press conference by Shehbaz Sharif to condemn the arrest by NAB of PML-N leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. “Today’s conference wasn’t about Abbasi’s arrest or The Mail’s story. The real reason is the entire family being caught red handed,” said Akbar.

On Sunday, British weekly newspaper, The Mailaccused the former chief minister of embezzling money from foreign funds. “The Mail’s real story centres around the $26m money laundering perpetrated by your family. Your entire family’s declared wealth is based solely on fake, fictitious telegraphic transfers,” he continued. Akbar said that Sharif’s press conference does not even merit a rebuttal because he has not clarified even one point from The Mail’s story and its accusations.”First you claimed you will sue the publication for defamation, then you held an emotionally charged press conference which was basically a repeat telecast of when you used to stand with a fan in your hand and put on a show. There was no substance factually.”

“The story was done by The Mail on Sunday, David Rose is the one who broke it, but after the press conference I did following the story, they tried to blame me for their woes,” said Akbar. “In response to the story, the Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) payments I showed the media during my press conference did not see any specific response from these people,” he added.

“I will go over from ‘point to point’ the things Shehbaz Sharif said in his press conference and how he strayed away from the basic facts that were stated (by me earlier).” “Three cheques of payments were shown to have been given to Ali Imran and Co — Ali Imran, who is his son in law — and you all being residents of Lahore are well aware of the power the khadim-e-aala (servant of the people, as Shehbaz likes to call himself), his son and his son in law had.”