In October 2018, the #MeToo movement enveloped the sub-continent highlighting many of those who we have loved, cherished and celebrated in the past as sexual harassers and abusers. A lot of these individuals were individuals from the media industry, who occupy positions of immense power and fame.

Amidst the allegations, one of the names that surfaced was of the filmmaker, Luv Ranjan who was accused of sexual harassment by an actor.

Streaks of misogyny, sexism and toxic masculinity are evident in Ranjan’s work, catering to a very specific male audience. On Friday the Tamaashaduo, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone were spotted exiting Luv’s office and even though the prospect of the two working together makes many fans ecstatic, others are furious.

Using the hashtag #notmyDeepika, fans on Twitter are registering their anger and disappointment at the prospect of their favourite actor working with an alleged sexual harasser.

Fans are reminding Deepika of everything she has claimed to stand up for

They’re reminding Deep of all that’s at stake if she goes ahead with this