During a press conference held on Wednesday in Model Town, Lahore, the PML-N leader said that in her meeting with her father on Thursday, July 18, the jail doctor brought with him a report “which he showed great hesitation in presenting”. Maryam claimed that the report revealed that his blood sugar had consistently been on the high side and it had been recommended that he be immediately hospitalised “at a medical facility of his choice”.

She said that when her father asked why a report which was dated July 3 was being shown to him two weeks later, the doctor had nothing to say. Maryam said that she had then inquired as to why she, as a family member, “was not informed that he has angina, his blood pressure is high, his blood sugar is on the rise, and his kidneys are deteriorating”.

“It was my right to know. You may not have informed him. He can not do anything as it is since he is incarcerated, but you should have at least informed me, his daughter, or his brother.”

“You were sitting on this report. This is criminal negligence; you informed no one,” claimed Maryam.

She further recounted how, when a copy of the medical report was requested, the jail staff said that the “photocopy machine was out of order”. When Nawaz Sharif suggested that the family doctor accompany one of the jail staff to the nearby market and get them photocopied from there and retain a copy with himself, the jail staff assured him, ‘Don’t worry sir. You will get it.'”

She said that when they took her father away and she went to the incharge’s office to ask for a copy, he said he would have it sent to her residence and to date she has not received one from them. It was a “sympathiser from the Punjab government” who ultimately sent her the copy, she said.