This discovery was made when the ministry checked 59 samples and found 56 of them contained way more than 1% mercury. The whitening creams contain mercury which is hazardous for female skin and can cause cancer,” Gul told the media representatives, “We tested 59 brands in the country and 56 turned out to be using excessive doses of Mercury.”

The minister from DG Khan called out companies for making mercury-intensive products to profit off insecurities and our society’s colour complex: “You are playing with our skin with your Rs10 creams.”

Gul was resolute on acting against substandard, fairness creams manufacturers and shared a list of hazardous beauty creams online. Many also took to internet to support the young minister and advice young girls to be cautious before using any fairness cream.

The minister also promised to seal the companies manufacturing dangerous beauty creams after 31 December and also take action against all such brands.