Modi is expected to head to the US on his official tour and reach Houston by tomorrow.

After the announcement of his official trip the hashtag #HowdyModi started to circulate on social media. And as Kashmir’s communications blackout reaches its 47th day, United States Southern district of Texas has filed a class action lawsuit, pertaining to his human rights violations in Kashmir.

This quickly inspired the hashtag #AdiosModi as Pieter Friedrich, a South Asian Affairs Analyst spoke at the Houston City council meeting saying, “Modi’s hands are stained with blood. Those who shake his hand in welcome cannot wash their hands of complicity in his crimes.”

The summon was issued by Houston’s district court after a petition was filed by the Kashmir Khalistan Referendum Front against the atrocities being committed against innocent Kashmiris in the occupied Kashmir.

Another speaker denounced his welcome by saying, “When he does [come], he’ll be greeted by a lawsuit alleging human rights abuses in Kashmir including land annexation, detentions, disappearances & deaths.”

Modi is also scheduled to receive an honorary award by the Gates Foundation for his cleanliness campaign in India, a decision met by a lot of criticism and backlash; many were astonished that the violation of human rights by the PM were going unnoticed or ignored.

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