The age of technology has granted us some brilliant digital artists, some of them local. After seeing their creativity pop up in our Instagram feeds, we decided more people needed to appreciate them. Here are some digital Pakistani artists that caught our eye with their vibrant and catchy designs on Instagram.

1. DigInk

DigInk is an illustrator based in Islamabad, London, and Dubai. They are known for their ironic and humorous takes on items of pop culture.

2. The Daft Draft

The Daft Draft hasn’t been on Instagram for long, but their content indicates familiarity with illustrating pop culture that appeases the audience. They are based in Pakistan and Canada.

3. Art By Azam

Another newbie, Art By Azam has a small following but big ideas. He has dabbled in portraits as well as typography, the latter we chose to highlight here.

4. Muhaddisa Shahzad

Muhaddisa Shahzad is the founder of the innovative art magazine, Yar Collective. Nowadays her feed consists of diverse forms of typography, but you can find digital portraits and visual art on her page too.

5. Sadia G Illustrations

You may know Sadia by her online shop, Prisms and Paintbrushes, where she prints and sells her artwork on miscellaneous items of interest, such as tote bags, zipper cases, and button badges.

What do you think? Let us know if you feel we missed any other talented, typography oriented artists! And don’t forget to show support if you like what you see.

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